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jean nouvel, danish radio concert hall, copenhagen 2002-2009

danish radio concert hall, copenhagen, denmark 2002-2009.
architect: jean nouvel (b.1945)

an almost non-existing facade based on scaffolding, placed in one of the most desolate corners of new copenhagen neighbourhood ørestad which in itself is largely a collection of desolate corners, there could hardly be a stranger introduction to one of the most expensive concert halls in recent times.

but nouvel's scoop is to hint at a rich inner world, to say that the true city is inside. I have aldo van eyck's essay on labyrinthian clarity from the situationist times, issue 4, here in front of me. it could be the programmatic subtext of nouvel's concert hall even if van eyck would have been stupefied to learn just how heterogenous a single building can become when based on his famous line,

for a house is a tiny city, a city a huge house.

nouvel avoids repeating a single detail from major space to major space and one of the questions posed by his house in ørestad is if such complexity can be held together simply by a perimeter of blue fabric. nouvel might have answered with one of the concluding lines from van eyck,

I have...found it expedient to define space simply as the appreciation of it, thus excluding all frozen properties attributed to it academically.

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